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  • The picture above is the start of my Marshall Family. Center is Great grand parents Frank Gibson and Mary Porter Gibson with their ten children. My Grandmother, Martha Jane Gibson-Marshall is just above her mother on the right side.
    Martha Jane Gibson married David Henry Marshall May 25, 1907 in Sidney, Iowa and they had eight children. They lived most of their married life in Iowa.
    One of their daughters, Mary Alberta Marshall is my Mom. Shortly after graduation from Des Moines High School, Mary A. Marshall moved to Northern California. Her older sister, Irene was living in Finley, California with her husband Alfred Walker. Now the story can get a tad convulted and I will try my best to explain. Or, maybe even draw you a picture.

    In the show-me state of Missouri, a child was born to Samuel F. Funk and Ada Dukes and named Lloyd M. Funk. After he graduated from Ridgeway High School in 1938, he felt the need to head west. He also traveled to Northern California. Are you starting to get this picture? Mary and Lloyd had not met, yet were on the same path and were destined to (collide?) meet each other in Finley, California.

    Alfred Walker's brother, Roy Walker was married to Crystal Funk. Crystal is Lloyd's sister. Mary's sister, Irene was married to Alfred. It was only a matter of time before they all met, yes? Yes. Actually one afternoon over at Irene and Alfred's house, Mary and her sister Dylorus were helping out in the kitchen. The men folk were visiting in the living room with a few of their friends, Lloyd Funk and Anthony Silva. Both Dylorus and Mary peaked into the living room and then had a lively, fun conversation deciding which one of the sisters would date which of the handsome guys in the next room.

    Two beautiful, single, redheaded young girls giggling in a warm kitchen, sun streaming in the windows; delicious food being prepared. In the next room, young handsome men, Alfred, Lloyd, Tony, Roy, chatting about work and life. Dylorus liked the exotic look of young Tony as Mary liked the strong, handsome Lloyd. I do not have information about their courtship, suffice it to know, they eventually married, had children, and lived wonderful lives.

    * Iris Morgan Henderson 2001

    Judi Van Emmerik, Jackson Meadows July 2003


    Van Emmerik's,Washoe State Park, July 2003    -    Looking toward Mt. Konocti from Library Park in Lakeport, CA. 2006


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